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Social mine people of influence.

Let me begin by saying the point of Social Mining is to reach influencers that matter to you most. They have inspired you and improved your life and helped you out in some way. Social mine and reach out by returning the favor, it's the respectful thing to do.


Contact big influencers through social media.

Have you thought of reaching out to people you admire most? Your favorite musician, business person, spiritual leader, celebrity, and more are active on social media. You have seen other people meet these people in some way. Have you thought, "How can I contact them?" I have..


Daily Action - 21 Mental Diet Brian Tracy.

Daily action is the greatest step you can take to earn results that a high achiever would make. I'm talking about Grant Cardone, Dan Pena, and Tony Robbins to name a few.


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Gary Dobbs is the creator of Social Mining

which is a unique way of engaging with today's power players in their respective fields. More importantly to you, he is a dynamic marketing consultant, possibly the greatest on earth and potentially in this galaxy. Empower Sales, Marketing, Support and Service in your business by subscribing to free lessons or making an appointment.

Specializing in CRM's
(Customer Relationship Management software)




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