Hi my name is Gary Dobbs.

Putting together my website for you was fun and frustrating at the same time ... You know why ... because I like learning new skills ... except I didn't design my website with a coach by my side making sure I was making all the right decisions.

That's the foundation for my business ... and I completely disobeyed one of my own rules which I'll share with you in a few minutes ... but first I have to explain that picture above.

You might be wondering "Does Gary know how to use a hacksaw?" Definitely not! I'm not going to quit what I love to do just so I can have fun with a hacksaw everyday!

That picture of me in a forest of Christmas trees was taken in December of 2009 which was the year I began studying architecture at Illinois Institute of Technology.

Before you ask me again "Gary what does that have to do with growing my customer base" I promise to make it worth your while ... so let's get down to business ... and I promise to explain that weird picture of me!

Here's why


What You Can Count On

The environment you choose will will allow your business to grow and help you design the structure of your business.

In business you can choose any environment you like to carry out the job you've chosen ... you've decided what you want to do, now you choose where you want to work each day!

Marketing is no different ... there are plenty of places to get your business' message across today with either media company you select and on their own publisher platform built for you.

The greatest quality about marketing is you can choose what works for your business and your personality ... with one thing in mind.

That thing actually is your ideal customer ... You want to focus on your ideal customer and build a trustworthy amount of content that people can connect and relate to with your company's personality ... A.K.A. your brand ... or if you get really good at it ... your Lovemark!

What you can count on with my business is that you're going to get ungated content that delivers tremendous value about what you pay for my products and services.


What are you going to deliver

Now that you've decided about your environment next is structure ... designing a business is a lot like designing a building ... and marketing is a lot like architecture ... we dream up an idea and plan out the execution!

So earlier I promised to explain myself about bringing up architecture ... which is a HUGE PASSION of mine ... and how going through the process of design to architect a building is very similar to going through the process of design to architect a business.

Both start with the end result in mind ... this is your vision ... so you want to design going backwards in away.

That's just a way of thinking about it because we want to make sure you're heading in the direction you want to go ... like using blueprint to account for all the design details in a building ... we'll use a blueprint in planning out your strategy (this will be a lot of fun)!

Now make sure you sit back in your chair or lean in (however you are reading this right now!) because what I'm going to share with you is a really big misconception business owners have about their brand.

What you are going to deliver is an experience with your customers brand

The big misconception is that businesses own their brands.

Oh right sure you do!

That motivates your consumers to engage with you ... and inspires your loyal customers ... to act and build and design your brand with you.

This is the strategy of building of a Lovemark!


What your customers give you is priceless

Now stay with me because I know you either disagree with me or are about to close this webpage...

...but you have to open your mind with me ... it's your customers that own your brand not you...

And when you create ownership of your brand with your customers you're going to get a lot more back than you could have ever imagined!

Companies like Nike and Apple have created loyalty beyond reason.

Millions of loyal customers...building their (excuse me...YOUR) brand into a world-class Iconic Lovemarks that people really love or really hate.

The support of your business should not only include your employees...your suppliers...your lenders...

But also your customers and that's where I'm aiming my company mission towards.

Your customers are my customers too ... so if once we take a look at the problems in your business today...

Then we can see if my products and services are what's going to deliver the result you're expecting.

That's why I make sure to help you as much as I can before we ever do business together.

If you'd rather buy a few products and test them out in your business that's okay too.

I've also designed products that are unique fit inside businesses so my products and services are not for everybody.

What your customers give you is priceless so take any chance you get to serve your market.

Set Up Wins For Your Customer Base in some way or another...

Getting my help in your business may come with or without you actually buying any of my products.

Which is okay with me I don't plan to sell to every person looking at my products and services.

I'm Glad You Kept Reading!

Here's What you can expect from me.

1. Actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your marketing right now, for free...which are usually followed by:

2. Smooth sales pitches.

There it is! The reason I'm giving you strategies that you can use in your business is because I value your time and I want you to get what you need to improve your business.

And the fastest way that I'm going to continue to build credibility and value in my business is by giving away my most valuable strategies up front.

The rest are pieces of the whole that will make everything work and I believe you're agreeing with me ... that creates value for you immediately.


The concept is that I take my most valuable solution and give it away for free...

Then through goodwill...you're going to feel satisfied with the experience.

And all those feel good feelings help me build trust with you.

Don't you feel more compelled to buy from someone you trust and who makes you feel all good inside!

The point of my helping you is to attract only those that are interested in what I have to sell...

I'm not interested in changing someone's mind about my products and services.

I am willing to show you how it works.

So you might still be wondering...

How Do I Know If Your Stuff Is Any Good?

I'm sure you're thinking the smartest thing to do is get some of my free materials.

If you like it, you'll probably like my trainings.

If you don't like it, then you don't.

Allow me to intercept myself here.

Remember that picture of me staring at a hacksaw!

Social Mining is a lot like looking for a Christmas Tree...you want to find the very best one that fits inside your home and that your family and friends will admire.

Social Mining a Christmas Tree and connecting with highly influential people are one in the same...do you get where I am coming from?

If you're anything like me you look to connect in some way with the people you partner in business with...think of me as your business partner.

Now's a good time to do the whole "self glorifying" thing so here it goes:

I started my marketing career in 1998 by designing and selling clothing.

At that time a friend and I were selling them out of the trunk of our cars and the Orange County Market Place on weekends.

We learned how to do everything the hard way by trial and error, and paying for it.

I worked 35 hours a week waiting tables and was a full-time student in college...all the extra money I had after paying bills went to funding the venture.

There was no planning, no strategy and no systems being built to run the business.

My 21 year old brain was high from the excitement of making it big...little did I know there was nothing in place to ensure the business could continue and grow.

The business became a money pit...each day money was being buried into it and costing more and more money.

Could I have looked for mentors in the business to help show me what they "did right" when they started their business?


Did I ask?


The point I was trying to make earlier when I disobeyed one of my own rules.

So the business was shut down because it got too expensive to run and losing money to a business takes its toll.

After that I got into other people's business learning to sell products and services.

It wasn't until I went back to college to learn architecture that the entrepreneurial spirit was awakened again.

Paying over $40,000 a year on college and then starting several businesses one after the other...

...engrained the determination to learn how to build a business correctly and seeking mentors along the way.

Bootstrapping a business with my own money was motivating enough to figure out and take initiative to make the connections necessary to get my idea executed.

When I kept connected with people and sharing my idea I began to see more and more opportunities to help my business...I learned a valuable lesson.

Ideas are worth more when you involve other people to turn it into a business people will connect to.

Building my network with investors, entrepreneurs, and employees became the most valuable asset to my business ideas.

Taking what I had learned from other entrepreneurs and applying it to my own business helped me create a business that was truly my own...and that worked!

If only I had a customer base blueprint when running my business...known that my customer base is the most valued asset in my business.

Here Is What I Will Help
You With, Specifically

My main focus is to help you build your customer base into many segments that build your business into a company with multiple products or businesses for revenue.

I'm the creator of something called Social Mining which is a sophisticated way of saying, "Designing results in your business with targeting and technology for valued relationships.

It is, in my opinion, the hidden gem of marketing.

I also focus on your business architecture-which is a fancy way of saying, "Planning the experience customers have with your business.

I do this by showing you how to genuinely help your consumers before they see your pitch.

Here Is My First Sales Pitch To You:

Go to my Pricing Page
and select the Startup package.

If you like it, become my newest
club member.

It will help you get started on building
your contact database, crucial.

Pretty simple, right?

Thanks for reading this page and
Design Results!

Gary Dobbs

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